Università Mediterranea


Agriculture was established in 1982, with the activation of the degree course in Agricultural Sciences and Forestry Sciences. The Faculty awarded the first bachelor’s degree in Forest Science, in its meeting of 10.11.1987. With the construction, in the 90s, the new facilities of the university campus of the University of Reggio Calabria, in the academic year 2000-2001, the general services of the Faculty (Chair, Degree Programmes, Library, Student Office, local support ) and education (classrooms, teaching laboratories, a language laboratory and computer ) were transferred from the historical site of the new headquarters of Hen Feo di Vito. The Faculty was changed into Department of Agriculture in 2012.

The DA will contribute to:

– Design and run the comparison among three cropping systems (INT, ORG, ORG+) with increasing “ecological intensification” on extensive herbaceous and vegetable crop introducing the intercropping techniques;

– Perform experimental trials and collect data regarding: climatic and productive parameters;

– Monitoring CO2 and NO2 emissions (CO2 measurements achieved with LiCor LI8100 and multiplex LiCor LI8150 cameras and NO2 measurements achieved with punctual sampling static cameras technique);

– Determining nitrogen biological fixation for each site in order to estimate the support of leguminous species in terms of nitrogen to the system.

The DA will be represented by the principal investigator, dr. Aurelio Pristeri, PhD.


Position: Fixed term Assistant Professor

Institution: DA, University of Reggio Calabria

Address: Loc. Feo di Vito – 89122 Reggio Calabria, Italy

e-mail address: aurelio.pristeri@unirc.it

telephone number: +39-095-1694262


In 2004 he hold a degree in Agricultural Sciences at the University “Mediterranea” of Reggio Calabria, final score: First class.

In 2008, he achieved the PhD in Sustainable Management of Agricultural Systems at the Mediterranea. In the same year Dr. Pristeri was involved in the Research Programme “ Biomasse vegetali per la produzione di biocombustibili in ambiente mediterraneo: utilizzazione di specie erbacee nei sistemi colturali della Calabria at the BIOMAA Department of Mediterranea.

In 2010 Dr. Pristeri was selected for a 3 years’ post-doc as part of the Research Project “Tracciabilità genetica dei prodotti alimentari tipici calabresi” at BIOMAA department of Mediterranea.

During the Research Activity Dr. Pristeri has spent time in the following National and International Research Centers: Bioenergy and Biosystems Department of Risø National Laboratory (Roskilde, DK) to learn the 15N technique for residues enrichment; the “Biotecnologie, Agroindustria e Protezione della salute” Department of ENEA (Rotondella, IT) to develop a protocol for a preliminary treatment to produce Bioethanol from straw deriving from legume-cereal intercropping systems.

From 2011 it is referee of different international scientific journals, included Field Crops Research and Journal of Agricultural Science. From 2012 Dr. Pristeri is professor of Colture Erbacee Nutraceutiche at UNIRC.


Other staff involved in the project:

  • Michele Monti: full professor, expertise on organic farming and cropping systems (montim@unirc.it);